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Dublin, Ireland.
Account Minimum
USD 250


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Formed in 2006, AvaTrade is a believed worldwide brand most popular for offering traders a broad determination of exchanging stock choices 

It is considered to be incredible for the most part in accordance with the business normal for valuing and research, and a champ for financial backer training.

Islamic Account

Ava Trade also provides Islamic Accounts to people presiding in the Middle East and countries that practice Sharia Laws. Pakistanis can easily apply for Islamic Accounts and start trading while keeping in mind the Sharia Laws are being abided.

Trading Platform

Ava Trader provides both the Meta Traders for the classic traders that prefer the basic functions and designs available, something they are accustomed to and also the Ava Web Trader, the web platform has a responsive layout and can adjust to your screen perfectly. Charting and drawing tools come in great excess and the overall user experience is something to enjoy and marvel.  They also provide Ava Trader Options for the PC and Mobile, the layout design is rather complex and many veteran traders even tend to find out a bit daunting at times, getting confused in the process as to where they exactly are. In terms of Forex Trading platforms, the tools provided are basic standards benchmarks with more care on the user-perspective showing more genuinity but lack of some important features might even out the drawbacks

Customer Support

Ava Trade provides all the three main communication means, i.e landline, email and chat support. Their landlines are quick to response but are even quicker to leave you hanging at times. You need to be quick at times to get proper details from the landline support team. The email contact also has some issues as there are not enough responses at times and some mails are maybe even ignored but the ones who do get responses are satisfied with the feedback, but at times late acknowledgement might make a customer look towards elsewhere for their answers. The chat support is a joy, quick responses, friendly curators and proper information, any and all questions they try to answer as quickly as possible which is a really huge plus point

Cost & Expense

A minimum of 250$ is required to deposit and start your account, which maybe more on the higher side for most people, but what they gain with higher deposits they provide with no additional expenses. There are no withdrawal fees so you can withdraw any amount you require without paying any charges, similarly if for some reason you are inactive for quite some time they will not be deducting any penalty fees as well, so whatever you had saved will always be there. Apart from that after the initial deposit they will not charge you anything for any additional deposits in the near future as well. Their main earning is done through their pips value which stands to about 0.9 and commission charges they come into affect after the first trade. Compared to other Best Forex Traders, Ava Trade does have some reasonable standings in terms of charges which makes it a more friendly Brokerage firm to associate with

Risk Factor

Wherever there is trading, there will always be some risk that comes along with it. It has been reported that nearly 60% of retail investors have suffered losses rather than gains, so the risk factor is high but you have to consider, risk is present in almost everything we do nowadays.

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