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AZEE Securities
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AZEE Securities

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AZEE Securities is one of Pakistan’s leading retail brokerages, providing clients with access to stocks, IPOs, commodities, mutual funds and other financial products. A Zee Securities: A Broker that thrives on data mining and research, the analytics provided by A Zee are something out of a movie at times. They tend to provide logical form of data to all of its account holders in order to help them with the proper deals in trading stocks on a daily basis. A corporate member of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, found in 2003, one of the major services it provides is dealing with the hassle when it comes to investing in the stock market. In terms of security the broker firm has a distinct 

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The rating level, although does not show the real potential of AZEE Securities, their services and future plans really show that this rating level will change around in a couple of years with ease. As of right now the Research Team is a marvel but real-live office services and sway in the market for now shows the rating to be a deserving one but in time we might see an improvement. The trading aspect in terms of credit and debit value seems to be stable although compared to other Top PSX Brokers they can improve it a bit for better clientele service 

Trading Platform

An improved trading platform available on both PC and mobile, the platform itself has a unique user interface custom-tailored to give customers the best possible experience. The platform itself provides real-time account updates for all users with relevant information provided as per needed but the users. Along with that live-streams of the market changes, stock price drop, stock purchase or sale, biggest earners of the day or specific time periods give the user a detailed information on the market. Along with personalized detailed watchlists needed according to the customers requirements while an easy-to-use charting tool for designing and viewing all graphs and charts for the user perspective. The lack of detailed customization maybe something that will hurt them a bit, as some users still tend to find difficulties using the application but something to improve upon for the near future possibly.

Learning Material

As mentioned previously, the data mining and analysis really makes it stand out in the research department, In depth details about the know-hows in stock market, the fundamental analysis reports for forecast predictions and stock changes, step by step trading strategies catering to different type of users for different stock types, these really make this broker agency stand out, as they look to nurture and educate their customers in any way possible about how to gain success in the ever-running stock market. This PSX Broker Review cannot provide justice to the level of education and research material provided by this firm and readers should check them out to get a better idea

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