Introduction to Forex candlestick patterns

Forex candlestick patterns can be extremely helpful in trading the market. They provide valuable information that can help you make better decisions about when to buy and sell. There are many different candlestick patterns, but some of the most important ones to know are the engulfing pattern, the doji pattern, and the hammer pattern. The […]

What is the impact of international news on the forex market?

What is the impact of international news on the forex market

There are multiple factors that move prices in the forex market and one of the major factors among those is the international news. The global events are the real force that impacts the foreign exchange rates because there are international currencies involved and the price difference occurs between them is in relation to each other […]

Importance of Correlation in Forex

Importance of Correlation in Forex

Learning the relationship between forex pairs is extremely important for forex traders. As currencies are traded in pairs, the pairs cannot possibly act in isolation. They behave in relation to each other and developing a clear understanding of how pairs move in forex is crucial for investors. Correlation among forex pairs means if one pair […]

Forex Spreads and how they work?

Forex Spreads and how they work

Investing in forex has become very popular today among individual investors and small businessmen, which was not the case in earlier times, the forex market was not always this easily accessible to everyone, and only huge financial institutions and central banks used to control the exchange market. With the emergence of forex brokers, it has […]

Everything you should know about Forex Leverage

Everything you should know about Forex Leverage

No matter which level of forex trader you are, beginner or expert, you must have heard or read phrases like “leverage is a double-edge sword” or “Leverage is a two-way street”. These are not wrong and should not be ignored by any forex investor. Forex Leverage can and will make or break your forex trading […]

Tips to trade GBP/AUD in forex

Tips to trade GBP/AUD in forex

The forex market is the world’s largest financial trading market that has gained immense popularity in recent years, encouraging many individuals to start investing in this market. If you are a beginner in forex then your plate must be full, learning the forex skills, searching for a reliable forex broker to work with, gathering as […]

How to use forex volume in trading?

How to use forex volume in trading

Technical analysis consists of multiple types of indicators, patterns, strategies, and techniques that help you analyze the different aspects of data, statistics, facts, and figures related to price movements and market behavior. It is an important skill of forex trading that every investor must learn and incorporate while trading. Many forex traders only rely on […]

Benefits of trading EUR/USD pair in forex

USD pair in forex

Have you ever wondered how many currencies are traded in the forex market? According to recent statistics, there are 170 international currencies that are exchanged in the world’s largest financial market. Now just imagine how many currency pairs can be formed from the combinations of all those currencies. So, if you believe that every pair […]

Find out why forex traders lose?

Find out why forex traders lose

With the growing popularity of forex trading, many individuals have taken interest in investing in an easily accessible and most liquid financial market in the world. If you are also thinking of trying your luck at forex trading, we must inform you that it is risky, and you have equal chances of facing loss as […]

What are Supply and Demand in forex?

What are Supply and Demand in forex

There are multiple strategies used in forex trading and work differently for every forex trader. However, supply and demand are the main factors that control the price movements in the market. In forex, the market does not move because of retail investors, they just follow the market behavior to profit as much as they can. […]