The best thing about OctaFX

The best thing about OctaFX

The best thing about OctaFX

If you have social media and use it as frequently as we do, then somewhere you must have come across an advertisement by OctaFX or must have heard or seen some social media celebs and influencers promoting OctaFX on their pages or platforms. OctaFX has been doing excessive marketing of its brand which has led them to become one of the most commonly known brokerage companies. Even if people have no clue about trading or what OctaFX does, they still are familiar with their name.

So today we are going to discuss what OctaFX does and what is the best thing about OctaFX as an online brokerage company apart from its impressive marketing and advertisements.

OctaFX is mainly known as a forex brokerage company but also offers other trading instruments as well such as forex, index CFDs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. They have been in the financial services business since 2011 and have built a prominent place for themselves in this industry. They have won over 38 forex industry awards for their services and have over 6.6 million trading accounts. Octa FX provides its services in approximately 100 countries and is known for its tight spreads, 50% deposit bonus, rewarding programs, fast execution of and no commission on deposit and withdrawals.

Best Qualities of OctaFX

  • OctaFX has taken serious measures to win clients’ trust and provide as much protection as they can. They offer negative balance protection, have segregated bank accounts, SSL-secured personal area, account verification, 3D secure visa authorization, and a secure withdrawal process. Octa FX is registered, regulated, and governed by the Law of Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Their account deposit minimum requirements are quite low i.e., $25. In addition to that their minimum spread charges are 0.6 pips which are also considered low. Offering affordable charges is what attracts many customers to any broker.
  • OctaFX is recognized and acknowledged for its copy trading app. They have won awards for this feature as well as for offering the best Islamic Account. Their trading platform is available for both desktop and mobile devices supported by Android and iOS systems.


No broker is perfect and has some downsides as well, their spreads are market competitive but other forex brokers have lower spread charges. Moreover, they can improve their customer services by adding a phone call option which they do not have yet, it is a basic option that others in the business already offer. They also seem to lack regulations from top-tier regulatory authorities which lowers their reliability and trustworthiness level.

Overall, OctaFX has a great reputation and offers quality services for its customers. As we have mentioned already that every broker has some benefits and some drawbacks, so it is really up to an individual which forex broker they choose to work with that has all the requirements matching their trading needs.

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