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City Index

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Based and founded in the United Kingdom in 1983, City Index is a globally recognized FX Broker Firm. They specialize in Forex Trade, Crypto Currencies, CFD, shares commodities and many more. A sophisticated and fast paced trading platform with a group of Forex Brokers, which provide excellent term choices and detailed research material which caters to every type of investor in the market whether it be a small time player or a giant finance company.

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Ratings :
So far, they have huge client network base andtop brokers. They are obviosuly not a scammers, but still their trading perfection has been afected from last few months.
City Index is directed by top-tier authorities, for instance it is a primary regulator of the FCA under the flagship of Gain Capital, its parent organization, who is also recognized as a prominent member of the New York Stock Exchange. Also including the ASIC and The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) City Index works under a few legal entities and laws around the world; which of these will serve you relies upon the country you preside in. The investment protection account sum you're qualified for relies upon the country from where you are trading and investing from.
Having a parent company listed on a major stock exchange and being authorized by top-tier authorities along with the longevity of the firm itself are great plus points for any firms security aspect. City Index works under a few legal entities and laws around the world; which of these will serve you relies upon the country you preside in. The investment protection account sum you're qualified for relies upon the country from where you are trading and investing from.
In terms of Security City Index can be considered amongst the Best Forex Traders Online out there and with not much negative reports and reviews with account handling and investments is a sure bet to consider associating with. For the above mentioned reasons, we are scoring 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Trustworthiness of these brokers.

Expense & Charges

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Main revenue generation for this Brokerage is done with the help of spreads it offers and the commission from the accounts it overlooks, while the deposit to opening an account can be as low as 25$. The commission pips are basic in terms of competitor market that lie between .50 to 1.0 pips which is comparatively fair and manageable especially for newbies as it does not put much of a strain in their earnings. Recently the news is on fire that they are planning to increase the expenses and charges, while if so, the brokers will be in serious problem.
Generally speaking, valuing on City Index's forex, CFDs, and spread-wagering items are in accordance with the business normal. There are no withdrawal charges of any sort and forex rates are also somewhat great for many users In the middle bracket of the spectrum. There is an idle charge that amounts up to 12£/month if the account is left idle for about one year.
City Index has low expenses for forex and there is no withdrawal charge. Then again, stock CFD expenses and commission charges are on the higher side and there is an idleness charge following one year which adds up to about 12£/month. For the above mentioned reasons, we are scoring 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Trustworthiness of these brokers.

Trading Platform

Ratings :
The trading platforms offer an immerse experience to the user, their product offers and care for details help make it easier for the customers to use while accessing tons of potential markets to tap into and making a profit along the way. We are rating their trading platform 4.5 stars out of 5!
The Desktop/Web Application offers a multitude of functionalities to use with tons of customizable features and snippets to design your interface as per your preference. You can easily add, remove or design tables, tabs, charts, graphs etc. as per your liking and create separate sheets for monitoring different aspects of trading in accordance to your preference with more than 50 indicators.
The Mobile Application design and functions are on par if not better with the rest of the giants in the FX Brokerage Market. It offers a list of options to choose from such as reading about new updates and headlines going on in the Forex Market, adding alerts on watchlists and potential stock values, deposit or withdrawal of money with ease or just placing your trades on the live market integrated with the web-app as well. Although some functions are not running on optimal speeds and the lack of it sometimes can be a turn off, the app itself has a great search function as which in-depth can provide you with a lot of time saving which balances out the somewhat “sloth motor ability” of some other functions.
As compared to other Top Forex Broker Reviews , City Index Trading Platform has salient good features along with a simple design for user-experience. The tools are easily accessable while the options of different trading platforms puts the icing on the cake here. The only thing that can be improved is the slow process of certain functions which if improved can make it one of the best trading platforms out there

Learning Material

Ratings :
City Index have an in-house team of analysts and researchers which are daily providing their customers some great insights and updates via books, papers, reading material, visuals graphics and videos. The written articles are a joy to read especially for any new trader looking to enter the market, the detail information explained in such a simple manner truly shows their appreciation for their customers and how they would like to help and teach them all there is to know about The Trade Market.
Along with this the news-feed section always has some great headlines to give a read on and gather little snippets of new information on a daily basis. But their blog is not active on their live page, which is like a web training program, or to keep the audience intouch.
Their videos can be categorized into two sections. One are the more detailed videos which are part of multiple series that they have started emphasizing on certain aspects and topics while others are short one-minute videos which are posted on a daily basis with regular news and latest updates. Based on above information, the scoring on Learning Material is 4.5 stars out of 5!

Customer Support

The chat support is available for all users, but to connect to a live person on the other end as well first you need to face the challenge of dealing with a chatbot which although may sometimes be annoying, can be neglected depending on the person’s temperament.
They have provided us Landline, email and other sources to connect while the company but still, all are either busy or respond slow while in Forex Market, its a game of seconds. For this reasons, their customer support is rated

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