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London Capital Group (LCG), started in 1996, has continued to somehow manage to preserve its pace in the highly aggressive and unpredictable online brokerage panorama. The agency’s modern rebranding attempt befell in 2016 with the launch of LCG Trader, which is an internet-based, white-labeled version of the cTrader platform. The LCG experience although is actually incredible, offering Customer-Oriented services, Authentic rates and pricing along with providing all of the tools that a trader requires. The outlet deposit varies relying on your locality, although LCG demands for USD 10,000 which is the minimal deposit.

LCG’s Transparency

For the most of the part, LCG makes trading transparent and easy by providing the most Trading-friendly platforms which can also be downloaded, like MT4, which can both be accessed through a browser or via mobile app in your mobile phone. The company additionally gives electronic communications network (ECN) accounts, which allow customers to trade directly with market makers, resulting in decreasing the price of the spreads in liquid markets. One of the predominant capabilities that catapulted LCG over the competition is its recognition on customer service, which is crucial not only for for all buyers but for the novice as well.

LCGs Expenses

Most of the trading charges at LCG are charged through the spread that’s aggressive within the trading market. Guaranteed stop losses (GSLO) are available on LCG dealer at an extra cost (commonly 3 pips) that is later charged to your account. There is a “commission” price that is charged whilst one is trading individual shares percentage. Investors opting for an ECN account gets access to the best spreads that LCG can offer, even though there’s still a distinction among using LCG trader and MT4. As stated at the website: “commission of $45 will be charged for every 1,000,000 traded would be charged on all symbols on LCG trader and $10 in line with lot on MT4.”

Customers with excessive account balances can request top class services, consisting of VIP analysis, which LCG offers at its discretion. There may be also a refund program for lively investors which starts at £4/million and might go higher depending on the extent being traded.

Aside from an inactivity fee of £15 per month for every account that is not being used for trading in 180 days (6 months), and 2% on credit score card deposits, LCG does not charge some other fees.

Customer Services

The means of communications are via in-line telephones and emails. The connectivity time via telephone is quick and permit you to acquire a number of records or deal with any issue that you may be going through. Email responses are somewhat adequate, the reaction time can range at the time of verbal exchange, but basic it’s far quality for any customer. Overall communication and support are good, it is super but following the same old techniques of a bank can become a hassle at instances for the clients

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Usama Tariq
Usama Tariq
3 days ago

Their experience speaks for itself, whatever I have made today for myself is because of investing with LCG

Ali Riaz
Ali Riaz
2 days ago

I think they should upgrade their way of providing trading services, all methods are so outdated

Shehryar Khan
Shehryar Khan
7 days ago

Their support team needs improvement. I have been frustrated with the way they treat their clients.

6 days ago

I would recommend using the LCG Trader platform with this broker, it has so many useful tools, is very easy to use, and works very smoothly.

Rubina Khan
Rubina Khan
6 days ago

It is extremely satisfactory working with LCG since 2008, they are simply the best with execution and pricing. They also allow withdrawals on bank cards which is convenient for me.

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