XMANNA Unites With Backstage to Change the Future of Live Events By CoinQuora

XMANNA Unites With Backstage to Change the Future of Live Events By CoinQuora

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XMANNA Unites With Backstage to Change the Future of Live Events
  • XMANNA partners with Backstage to bring NFT ticketing into its metaverse.
  • The partnership is expected to offer an enhanced user experience as it embraces modern solutions.
  • Steve Stein, CEO of XMANNA comments on the news.

XMANNA, the blockchain-based software company creating a live event Metaverse platform for sports and entertainment, partners with Backstage, the NFT-ticketing marketplace to bring NFT ticketing into the metaverse.

The partnership aims to merge real-world live events within an engagement-based Metaverse ecosystem. This offers an opportunity for the entertainment industry to recover from the last pandemic as it develops a higher level of technology.

XMANNA announced this partnership on their official twitter account, where the tweet stated that XMANNA and Backstage “are making history!”.

Meanwhile, Steve Stein, CEO of XMANNA, commented on the partnership by saying “The surface has yet to be scratched with blockchain and Metaverse technology. There has never been such an opportunity for businesses to be at the forefront of such a digital transformation that covers gaming, loyalty, sports, and entertainment in a single solution. The XMANNA and Backstage partnership bring this forward by utilizing these new technologies to create rewarding and engaging experiences for users.”

Mauricio Silvestris, Co-Founder of Backstage also stated

The crypto revolution in the entertainment, sports, and gaming industries has begun. Bringing NFT ticketing, crypto wallets, and metaverse technology into the space, Backstage and XMANNA are enabling new ways for venues, artists, and brands to engage with fans. We’re making the live entertainment and sports industries more accessible for fans while opening up a new set of experiences and possibilities.

XMANNA aims to enhance fan experience and engagement with its unique Polygon-based gamified engagement technologies.Through their loyalty application, the platform encourages its users to interact with their favorite teams using gaming and NFT tickets for customized Metaverse stadiums.

Backstage is decentralizing and disrupting the event ticketing market, utilizing its own ticketing platform, marketplace and cryptocurrency to address obstacles facing the entertainment industry, especially the live show business.

XMANNA suggests, as it enters this partnership, limited-edition NFT tickets allow fans to access exclusive events and activations for both Metaverse and physical stadiums, including perks like VIP benefits, promotions, merchandise, and an enhanced event experience with better user engagement.

The Backstage BKS Marketplace offers NFT-ticketing solutions designed to drive fan engagement with globally renowned venues and artists, in addition to that, it offers fundraising for events and easier transactions using their Crypto POS systems.

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