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Robinhood is best suited for newbies who are willingly planning to invest into smaller quantities, together with fractional shares and cryptocurrencies, and require little in terms of research past seeing what others are trading. Robinhood’s claim to repute is they do not price commissions for stock, options, or cryptocurrency trading.

Due to enterprise-wide changes, they may be not the most effective free recreation in town. The company’s target purchaser base is young people new to investing, who get interested in the app through advertising and marketing that leans closely on phrases which includes “free” and “democratization, this tactic, till now has succeeded, drawing in 10 million accounts held through an unknown quantity of customers.

Pros and Cons


  • Robinhood allows cryptocurrency trades to be placed in very small quantities. Most other cryptocurrency-pleasant structures require certain minimums that allows you to alternate.
  • Robinhood’s mobile app and the website are extremely clean to apply.
  • Robinhood may be very efficient at getting your cash into the market. All clients and users have a quick access to deposit the funds.


  • There may be no supplementary fee charged by Robinhood for trades, but the spread we noticed for our cryptocurrency transactions was significantly wider than the ones we saw on other systems.
  • Even though costs update on the Robinhood app and the website, they lag other real-time facts carriers by way of numerous seconds.
  • New buyers who are devoted to enhancing their trading talents will outgrow the assets provided by Robinhood, particularly alternatives buyers.

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