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One of the top forex brokers , based in Switzerland, Swissquote was founded in 1996, it has been termed as one of the safest FX Trading Platforms amongst the lot. A public operated company which operates a regulated bank as well. Their branches can be found in most parts of Europe, Northern America and some parts of Asia as well.

How to Open an Account?

Likewise, you can easily open an account just by heading to their official website,


With the alignment with Swiss Bank and UK , SwissQuote is considered to be perhaps the most secure and sound Forex Broker around. Apart from being listed in The Swiss Stock Exchange is an important member, it is also regulated by a number of top authorities such as  MAS, FCA, FINMA and SFC.

Swissquote’s Advanced Trader and MetaTrader platforms are all securely encrypted with SSL technology. Traders can also enable other layers of security, such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Touch ID.

Their trust and security levels are up there amongst the best in the business (IG Trade Review, Saxo Bank, FP-Markets), customers from all around never have issued any complaints or problems regarding any irregular losses or infiltration of any sort

Expense & Charges

Swissquote charges on terms of trading which is more on the higher side, so be prepared for lofty charges coming your way but the level of performances can sometimes help you negate the cost values of these trades. One of the more interesting aspect of these trade charges is that the lower or insignificant your trade value the higher the charge will be, kind of like SwissQuote wants you to be more pro-active and invest heavily in order to get better returns and save on more as you can. There are no charges on deletion or inactivity but the commission fee again is higher as compared to most of its competitors which is exclusive to elite accounts, whereas the normal accounts are not charged with commissions but still earn through the spread value on offer which at times cannot be bad but others it can be difficult getting something into your pockets here and again.

Trading Platform

Swissquote’s proprietary suite is specifically designed to meet the needs of all clients and allow them to take full advantage of Online Forex Trading. They can easily switch through platforms and devices while placing orders in quantity with the interbank.

Swissquote’s Advanced Trader platform available for desktop and web, fails to impress and at times cannot compete with its other competitors with the extensive features the others are providing along with the friendly user-interface. The complexities and over the top interface can sometimes confuse users as to where they currently are in the application itself.

There is a plus side though, the alternative Meta Trader they offer compensates for the lament of the Advance Trader. 

The Mobile app is easier to use with a more friendly user interface but it lacks in some important features and tools such as no properly integrated charting features or customization as per accordance. These stumble blocks can be a problem for them in terms of competing with other high profile Forex Brokers.

WebTrader has a basic and simple to-utilize interface that allows you to make watchlists, investigate outlines, just as spot and screen exchanges. The specialized investigation outlines offer in excess of 100 specialized pointers that you can apply to various time spans, from tick diagrams to week by week graphs. 

The Plus500 trading mobile application offers a consistent change from the WebTrader program stage, which is extraordinary to see. The look, feel, and usefulness is all comparative. 

All things considered, as WebTrader, the Plus500 exchanging application comes up short on the high level instruments and all-around usefulness to challenge other competitors 

Learning Material

Swissquote free researchers are not what one would call “the best they ever read”. Most of the stuff are basic industry standard material and information which a team of researchers and analysts try to put out and thrive on making sure is the best content available. They provide extensive details on the market briefing on a day to day basis along with news and headlines on account on any movement or changes in the market to look out for.

 Also affiliation with Trade Center allows them to show technical reports with chart analysis and graphs to give detailed insight view of the market as a whole and grasp any and all information to learn and grow as a customer of the Brokerage Firm.

Videos with news, headlines, information, and historical analysis are also provided on a somewhat regular basis, which keeps many users and customers engaged to their accounts with some great leads and snippets along the lines to hep with that extra push in profit.

Customer Support

The communication aspect here is a weak one, although forms of communication are landline, email and chat support 24/7. There genuine iniquity is not felt and lack of communication is felt by many users on many fronts. The response time of contact is great, better than many others but the relevancy is where the major issue arises. Some times the results expected had been satisfactory and acceptable while others the communication result ended with confused outputs wondering what was the hassle that irrelevant information was foreclosed. 

The language aspect is a good thing and more than 10 languages are spoken to encourage more and more of communication with other people belonging to other parts of the world. Most of the major languages are spoken such as Dutch, Spanish, English, Arabic etc. so communication in this aspect can somewhat be considered a shining light in otherwise a bit dark place.

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